March 2018 Schaferhunde News

The Schaferhunde News

 The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City

Founded 1923

President's message from Chris Kimerer

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It is gearing up to be a busy time for the club, we have several major events planned this year along with fun educational monthly club meetings.

Your board of directors have been busy planning the year.  In January the committees for the year were put in order as well as the outline of the calendar this year.

Our “annual” events such as the January Tracking Test, the June Conformation Shows, the July Obedience Trials, the September Picnic, our November Thanksgiving Dinner and the December Awards Banquet are all stationary so we mark those set dates on the Calendar each year.   February through April we meet inside at the Comfort Inn off of Parvin Rd. and work hard on planning educational interesting programs for the membership. 

Our first program was in February presented by our own member Tiffany Bartley, long time professional conformation show handler explaining what she looks for in a conformation dog show prospect.  It was a great program with a wonderful presentation that even a non-show person could understand and appreciate.

March was another wonderful program on “Trailing” presented by new club member Kate Sidun.  She has years of knowledge and experience working and training dogs to assist first responders to find lost, injured and at times deceased people.  The program was absolutely fascinating and there were many questions afterwards, it was a big hit with everyone present. She is also the Editor of K9 Chronicle, a publication written by active working Law Enforcement Officers willing to share their knowledge and experience in the field with others.  An excellent publication that even a non-working dog person can gain insight into the behavior of their GSD companion.

So far, our March meeting has been the largest in attendance, 35 members and guests total, the room was packed, it was a great meeting and as I perused the attendees, I realized we truly are a club for everyone.

April will be another very educational meeting on a topic we all need to know about, Cancer in our dogs.  They say knowledge is power, and it is very true.  I know of several members including myself who have lost amazing dogs to this cruel disease.  Carmi is coordinating this presentation, it will not be a guest speaker but a web presentation on the big TV at the meeting.  Please plan to attend, there is a series of the different cancers prevalent in our GSD’s and dogs in general, we will focus on one type of Cancer for the presentation, but Carmi will have the links available to the other types of Cancers that are out there so we can educate ourselves further.

April through early May will also be our classes at the park, check our website for more information and please join us in working with our wonderful intelligent dogs.

May through August will be our “outdoor” monthly meetings which will allow us to bring our dogs and enjoy summer activities.  It will kick off with our Ice Cream Social in May.  Last year was such a great turnout with so much positive feed back that we decided to do a repeat.  Bring your dogs and show us your best or most favorite trick your dog does.  

Ray & Betty Laughlin will be coordinating the ice cream and toppings, so if you would like to pitch in please plan to bring a couple of dollars to help cover the cost.

June & July will be very busy with two major events those month, the Futurity/Maturity along with two Specialties in June, and our two-day obedience Trial in July.  Both will require help and volunteers from our members, even if you don’t feel qualified, your help is needed and much appreciated.  Please ask any of your officers or directors or the event chairs for information on how and what you can help with, no one will get turned down.

We are looking into a very fun activity for August, the details are being worked out, so stay tuned, but I guarantee it will be something everyone will enjoy.

September we will move back inside with another great program TBD and also our annual Picnic at the end of the month at Smith’s Fork Park, Smithville MO.  November and December are also set so that will bring us through the year.

I look forward to this busy 2018 schedule and would like to thank everyone for attending and participating this year.  So far, we’ve already taken in 5 new members since January and it is only March.  I’m excited for what this year will bring.

See you all at the April meeting.

~ Chris  


We are excited to welcome 4 new members to the club.  Please introduce yourself at the next meeting and make them feel welcomed.

            Pat Robinette, Kate Sidun, Sean Regnier, Nicole Muchmore

Break the ice!  Get a conversation flowing with our new members. Learn one or two things about our new members and their dogs.  Share information about the club and our upcoming activities.


Is your dog ready for the temperament test?

 Spring is here. Get your dog out in the beautiful weather and work on the exercises that will be on the test. Chris Kimerer has starter guns that you can use in practicing your dog's reaction to noise.

It would also be beneficial to review each exercise if you are going to be a helper with the test.

Behavior Toward Strangers: objective to measure the dog’s reaction to strangers in a non-threatening situation.

Neutral Stranger:   This test is to simulate a typical street situation. The stranger will carry on a conversation with you but will not make overtures to the dog. 

Friendly Stranger:   The stranger will make overtures to the dog and will touch the dog and hander as well.

Reaction to Aural Stimuli (Noise): objective to measure alertness to aural stimuli and the degree of investigative behavior toward the stimuli.

Can-rattling:   After the rattling begins, the dog is allowed to approach the blind to investigate the source of the noise. As the dog comes around the blind to discover the source of the noise and investigate the can, the dog is given 20 seconds to make a close inspection. DOG MAY BE ENCOURAGED by the using phrases like “what’s that?” or “find it”.

Gun Test:   If the dog turns and/or moves toward the sound when the gun is shot, the handler may follow. The dog may be encouraged as in the can-rattling test. 

Reaction to Visual Stimuli: objective to measure the dog’s reaction to sudden visual stimuli, degree of investigative behavior and startle recovery.

Umbrella Test:   Handler and dog proceed toward the assistant sitting and when the dog is about 3’ (no closer) from the tip of the umbrella, it will be opened directly toward the dog. The open umbrella is then lowered and rested on the ground while the assistant retains the handle in his hand. He dog is allowed to move forward (with encouragement if necessary) to investigate the umbrella. It is the recovery that is judged.

Footing Test: objective to measure the dog’s reaction to unusual footing.

Footing Test:   Handler and dog approach a strip of polyethylene and proceed directly across an exercise pen laid flat on the ground.

Aggressive Stranger: objective to measure the dog’s capacity to recognize and react in a positive, guarding manner to a potentially threatening situation and, in the event of a threat, to react in an aggressive, confident manner.

Self-protective/Aggressive Reaction:   this has three parts; the entrance of the stranger, the strangers approach to the dog and handler, and the threatening gestures by the “weird stranger”. The dog’s reaction to each is assessed and, if a positive response, the helper will proceed.

Now who doesn't like a back massage?

Now who doesn't like a back massage?

Or a kiss on the nose.

Or a kiss on the nose.

Oh no, not the ears! I think I am ready for the Temperament Test.

Oh no, not the ears! I think I am ready for the Temperament Test.

GSDCGKC Annual Fundraiser - Wine Pull

The Wine Pull fundraiser at the Topeka Kennel Club show will be held August 23-26. 

Please make a donation for the cause.  We are in need of bottled WINE -- NOT WHINE -- but WINE.  You can drop off your donation at a club meeting. Help us reach our goal.

 Bobbie Schiffelbein and Carmi Swift are chairing the Wine Pull.  If you have any questions or would like to volunteer at the event, please contact Bobbie or Carmi.

Mark your calendar!
  • Tuesday, April 10, 2018, General Meeting 7:00 p.m., Comfort Inn, 7300 NE Parvin Road, Kansas City, Mo. The Board will meet at 5:30 p.m.  All members are welcome to attend the board meeting.
  • Thursday, April 12, 2018, Training WEEK 1 ENGAGEMENT – Instructors: Debbie McHenry and Sally Hamm, LOCATION: Wheel Park in Macken Park, 1000 E. 27th, North Kansas City, Missouri. You can sign up and pay for classes using PayPal on the club website or CASH will be accepted the first night of class.

2018 MidWest Futurity/Maturity Weekend
GSDC Gr Kansas City.jpg
Roayal Canin We Feed.png
The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City along with Royal Canin
Host & Presents the
Two Annual Specialties & Temperament Test
Friday, June 8th, 2018
4-6 Month Beg. Puppy & Breed: Bo Vujovich
Junior Showmanship: Steve Dobbins
Saturday, June 9th, 2018
4-6 Month Beg. Puppy & Breed: Bobbie Kindy
Junior Showmanship & TC: Herman "Butch" Stiefferman
(Entries for both Specialties close May 23rd, 2018)
Sunday, June 10th, 2018
Judge: Kathy Potter
Please Join Us
Smith's Fork Park Recreation Area
Smithville, Mo
For Premium List or Information please contact:
Amy Edwards, Show Secretary
604 Clark Ave. Edgerton, MO 64444
Chris S. Kimerer, Show Chairman
12917 Orrick Rd., Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
Thank you Royal Canin for your generosity and support of this weekend


Submitted by Marion Baker

The featured club members this month are sisters; Carlin and Dorothy Hargrave from Hurst, Texas.  The Hargrave's are what I call the "Hall of Fame" members.  Members that have been in the club since the 1960's and helped build and inspire the German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City for future generations.

Carlin and Dorothy used to live in South Kansas City before work with All State Insurance relocated them to Texas.  They currently live in Hurst, Texas.  Hurst, Texas is in the panhandle; part of the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area.

When they were active in the club they had two Shepherds; Shadow (black and silver) and Dutchess (black.)  A very dear friend, Memory Reeser, introduced them to the breed.  She had a shepherd named Tammy that was black and tan.

Dorothy shared memories of the "Drill Team" which was part of the Club. They looked forward to going to the Boy Scouts, parades, and especially to the School for the Blind with their dogs.  At one visit, a student wanted to take Dutchess home with them.  Of course, that did not happen.

They loved Obedience, Tracking, and showing the dogs. They have fond memories of members; Dee Abernathy, Lowell Scott, Nancy Sapp, Ken and Shirley Peterson, and Marilyn Modricin.

They keep very active doing swim aerobics and spending time with their red healer; Sophie Ring Butt Hargrave.         

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City is more than just a club to nurture and show off our dogs.  It is a club where long-lasting friendships and memories are created and cherished.  The Hargrave sisters exemplify the true purpose and meaning of our great dog club.