June 2019 Schaferhunde News

The Schaferhunde News

 The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City

Founded 1923 June 2019


 2019 OFFICERS                                                                

 President:  Chris S. Kimerer , Vice President:  Debbie McHenry ,  Treasurer:  Mike Kennedy ,  Rec. Secretary:  Sally Hamm,  Corres. Secretary:  Amy Edwards                


JoClair Gipe, Bruce Hudson, Nancy Kennedy, Pat Robinette, Lynette Stone

Mark your calendar!

•   Tuesday, July 9, 2019, 7:00 p.m., General Meeting, Macken Park Outdoor Shelter House

Ice Cream Social

Note:  Board members meet at 5:45 p.m. (All members are welcome to attend)

 •   Tuesday, July 13, 14, 2019, GSDCGKC Obedience Trials – Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club East 63rd St.  Raytown MO  64133   9:00 am start time each day

 •   Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 7:00 p.m., General Meeting, Macken Park Outdoor Shelter House -  Dog Walk in the Park

Note:  Board members meet at 5:45 p.m. (All members are welcome to attend)

 •   August 23rd & 24th 2019, GSDCGKC Wine Pull at the Topeka Kennel Club All Breed Shows

             Kansas Expocentre, One Expocentre Dr., Topeka, KS

*****This is our annual fund raiser for our Officers with the NPCA (National Police Canine Association) North Region, please donate wine or money to purchase wine. Provide to Bobbie or Lynette at the next two club meetings*****

German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City
4th Annual Fundraiser
Wine Pull


wine pull.jpg

 The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City is once again sponsoring our annual “Wine Pull” fundraiser on August 23rd & 24th, 2019 in conjunction with the Topeka Kennel Club All-Breed; Obedience, AKC Rally; and Junior Showmanship competition.  Proceeds from the Wine Pull will go to benefit the National Police Canine Association (NPCA) North Central Region and help off-set the cost of regional police canine training not paid for by the individual police agencies.  Last year we reached our $1,000 goal and we hope to do the same for this year. 

Your donation of wine no matter how small or large for the fundraising event is greatly appreciated.  You can bring the wine to any of our monthly club meetings between now and including the August meeting, if you are not a wine connoisseur, you may donate cash and either Bobbie Schiffelbein or Lynette Stone. They would be happy to purchase the wine in your name.  Both are co-chairing this committee again this year and have done a fantastic job getting people to stop at the table and participate in this worthwhile cause.  The Topeka Kennel Club has made this part of their annual show weekend attraction, advertising this event along with all the other functions happening over their 5-day show circuit.  We will be given a prime spot this year right by the entrance of the Expocentre so everyone will have to walk by the table which will be set up Friday and Saturday all day.   

We plan on having a couple of Officers join us over the two-day event adding faces and real stories to the Association sharing all they do to provide safety to the citizens.  



2019 June Conformation Specialty Shows


 Submitted by Chris Kimerer 

I would like to thank each and everyone for the help and support at our 2019 June Conformation Specialty Shows at Smithville Lake. It was a very successful weekend and we have several club members who entered their dogs and have brags.  I would like to recognize and say thank you to several club members.

 THANK YOU to club members who came out Friday afternoon to erect the tents. It’s a job and takes multiple people, then again on Sunday afternoon afterwards to take everything down and put back into the trailer. By then everyone is tired and ready to go home, but everyone pitched in and it was done quickly and proficiently. THANKS to Nelson Hinman, Clark Avera, Ken & Iryna Sanders, Aaron Stasiak, Mark & Debbie McHenry, Jay Kimerer, Sally Hamm, Ray Laughlin and Troy & Amy Edwards. 

 THANK YOU to Megan Marmon for being our official “Show Photographer” and capturing all the dogs on film and taking the official win photo’s. They are beautiful and are available to all of us on Megan’s website.

 THANK YOU to Troy Edwards for being the “Man-in-Charge” of the grounds, tents and everything in between!  Tents never moved or blew away, Club Trailer is now organized and tidy, trash cans never overflowed and our show area remained clean and tidy the entire weekend. 

 THANK YOU to Amy Edwards for being my right arm, besides Show Secretary duties, Ring Stewarding and keeping the Judges organized and the show on a timely schedule, helping with all the other functions at hand the entire weekend.

 THANK YOU to Debbie McHenry, Sally Hamm and Rosi VonFintel for organizing and putting on the Canine Good Citizen Test on Saturday evening. Out of 8 entries 5 dogs were awarded a CGC, congrats on the owners of these dogs!

 THANK YOU to Bobbie Schiffelbein and Lynette Stone for putting together the beautiful meat & cheese trays for the Friday night Hospitality. I believe everyone stayed and thoroughly enjoyed the evening and it was a lovely night.

 THANK YOU to Mike & Nancy Kennedy and JoClair Gipe for transporting our Judges and getting them to the shows on time and back to their hotel.  Also, thank you for picking up the lunch for Saturday and the Pizza’s for the after show ringside party. 

 There are many other duties multiple people handled and took care of, it takes all of the club members to put on an event such as this and I’m so pleased in how everything turned out and ran smoothly.  Several of our club members also supported these shows by entering their lovely dogs, below are the major highlights.


JoClair Gipe’s 4-6-month Beginner Puppy Faolan made his first show debut. 

Carmi Swift’s 4-6-month Beginner Puppy Hadas took Best of Opposite Beginner Puppy Friday & Saturday.

 Also, Carmi’s granddaughter Lennox won 1st place Novice Jr. Handler Friday & Saturday.

 Debbie McHenry’s 6-9 puppy dog Trumann shown by Paul Hamm placed Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

 Tammy Peterson’s 6-9 puppy Trip placed Saturday and won his class on Sunday.

 Sally Hamm’s 9-12 puppy dog Buddy won his class on Friday and placed Saturday.

 Carmi Swift’s 12-15-month dog Oz placed on Friday and won his class on Sunday.

 Becky James’s 15-18-month girl Astrid shown by Tammy Peterson won her class on Saturday and placed on Sunday.

 Bobbie & Charlie Schiffelbein’s American Bred Bitch Whitney won her class on Friday & Sunday and placed on Saturday. 

Also, Bobby & Charlie’s Open Bitch Lyric won her class and went Winners Bitch & Best of Winners for a 4-point major on Friday as well as placing on Saturday and Sunday.

 Lynette Stone and Bobbie Schiffelbein’s Veteran Razzy placed on Friday and won her class on Sunday.

 Chris Kimerer, Bobbie & Charlie Schiffelbein, Betty Johnson & Tiffany Bartley’s Open Bitch Hottie won her class and went Winners Bitch for a 4-point major on Saturday.

 Tiffany Bartley’s Veteran Selena won the Veteran class Friday and Saturday to move on to compete for Best of Breed both days.  Selena won Best of Breed Friday and Saturday in a big competitive line up.

 Bobbie and Charlie Schiffelbein’s CH Colt 45 achieved his ROM (Register of Merit) title that weekend. It takes at least 10 Progeny consisting of 5 Champions and 5 more qualifiers (winning at least a major reserve) to achieve this title.  By two of his daughters each winning 4-point majors at these shows completed the requirements for this Parent Club Title.  A plaque will be awarded and presented to Bobbie & Charlie by the Parent Club at the Annual Meeting at this year’s National.  Coulton will also be published in next year’s ROM Sire edition of our GSD Review and will be listed in the Red Book as a 2019 ROM sire.

 Congratulations to all of our club members who entered their dogs and supported our shows this year!!!!!  

GVX Sel.Ex GCHB CH Windfalls Who Says v Chablis
Veteran Bitch/Best of Breed
Owners: Tiffany Bartley, Jeff Pyle, Lena Bogdanich, Gary & Patty Szymczak

Judge: Randy Chesnut

Chablis IMG_4362 - Copy.jpg

Veteran Selena won the Veteran class Friday and Saturday to move on to compete for Best of Breed both days winning Best of Breed Friday and Saturday in a big competitive line up. Owners: Tiffany Bartley, Jeff Pyle, Lena Bogdanich, Gary & Patty Szymczak

Judge: Linda Clark


 Lennox, granddaughter of Carmi Swift 
1st place Novice Jr. 

Judge: Linda Clark

Lennox IMG_4361.jpg

Faolan Mystic Redwulf Von Darkwing    
4-6 Month Beginner Puppy
Owner: JoClair Gipe

Judge: Ileana Nogueras 

Faolan IMG_4364.jpg

Alta-Tollhaus Trumann
    6-9 Puppy Dog
Owner: Debbie McHenry

Judge: Ileana Nogueras      

McHenry IMG_4360.jpg

Astrid Von Darkwing 
15-18 Bitch  1st Place
Owner: Becky James

Judge: Randy Chesnut 

Astrid IMG_4366.jpg

Amber’s One Moment in Time
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners
Owners: Roberta and Charles Schiffelbein & Barbara Amidon

Judge: Ileana Nogueras

Amber IMG_4367.jpg

Charbo’s Lil Hot Mess v Hillside-Tanbark
Winners Bitch
Owners: Chris Kimerer, Roberta & Charlie Schiffelbein, Betty Johnson, Tiffany Bartley 

Judge: Randy Chesnut

Lil Hot MessIMG_4312.jpg

Obedience Trial Event – Volunteers Needed

Hello members, 

As another event is coming up, I would like to remind you that we need you. Our Obedience Trial is the weekend of July 13-14, with set-up and Rent-a Ring on Friday, July 12.

 Volunteers are needed for setting up the building, ring stewards for, either mornings or afternoon for Saturday and Sunday. We need at least three for each time period. We also need help with hospitality each day to bring food and drink to the judge and workers and to take the judge to dinner on Saturday evening. Finally, we need help putting everything away after the shows on Sunday.

 All help is greatly appreciated. Please Contact Sally Hamm, ghamm9@kc.rr.com, or Bruce Hudson, skmhud@sbcglobal.net, if you can help. As always, it takes a village to put on our events. We can’t do it without you. This is the best opportunity to learn what happens at obedience trials and encourage our friends to have success with their dogs. It’s always a good time.

Greater Kansas City Dog Training Center
9911 East 63rd Street
Raytown, Mo                    

 Hope to see you soon. 

Sally Hamm and Bruce Hudson, Obedience Co-Chairs


German Shepherds are classified in the AKC Herding Group. The Best of Breed winner moves to the Herding Group competition. The winner of each Group then competes for Best in Show. Below are the upcoming All Breed Shows at the Topeka Expocentre.Jesse James/Emporia Kennel Club Shows

Friday 8/16 thru Monday 8/19

Friday                          GSDs-                                      Vicki E. Allenbrand (p)

8/16/19                      Herding Group-                      John P. Wade

                                    Best in Show-                         Charlotte P. Patterson

Saturday                     GSDs-                                      Sherry C. Webster (p)

8/17/19                      Herding Group-                      Ann Yuhasz

                                    Best in Show-                         John P. Wade

Sunday                        GSDs-                                      Charles Olvis

8/18/19                      Herding Group-                      Linda Robey

                                    Best in Show                           Michael Canalizo

Monday                      GSDs-                                      Linda Robey

8/19/19                      Herding Group-                      Charles Olvis

                                    Best in Show                           John C. Amodei

Sunflower/Topeka/Manhattan Kennel Club

Wednesday 8/21 thru Sunday 8/25

Wednesday                GSDs-                                      James G. Reynolds

8/21/19                      Herding Group-                      James G. Reynolds

                                     Best in Show-                         Kimberly Merideth Cavanna

 Thursday                    GSDs-                                      Eric Ringle

8/22/19                      Herding Group-                      Eric Ringle

                                    Best in Show-                         Joe C. Walton

Friday                          GSDs-                                      Kimberly Merideth Cavanna

8/23/19                      Herding Group-                      Kimberly Merideth Cavanna

                                    Best in Show-                         Barbara Dempsey Aldeman

Saturday                     GSDs-                                      Barbara Dempsey Aldeman

8/24/19                      Herding Group-                      Barbara Dempsey Aldeman

                                    Best in Show-                         Susan Godek

Sunday                        GSDs-                                      Susan Godek

8/25/19                      Herding Group-                      Susan Godek

                                    Best in Show-                         James Reynolds

Board Meeting & General Meeting Minutes

We did not have a June Board Meeting or General Meeting due to the Conformation Specialty Show being held in June, therefore there are no Minutes to publish in this newsletter edition.


Our annual ice cream social will be held at the July General meeting.  Good will donations appreciated.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

7:00 p.m.

Macken Park Shelter House

North Kansas City

Help Wanted.jpg

Submitted by Chris Kimerer


To Prepare the Club Newsletter

I did not want to go without a Newsletter, so this is my personal attempt to fill the void.  Please, please, please consider taking this over if this is in your Wheelhouse!  My plate is plenty full so I really want to hand this off to someone else!

Please contact Chris Kimerer if you are interested.

 Marion Baker is no longer able to dedicate the time required to gather information, prepare and distribute the newsletter.  We have many members old and new that a highly talented and have the skills to produce the newsletter. Please consider volunteering.


Title Trophy Submission

 "Year End Title" trophies are awarded to members in recognition of their involvement and accomplishments with their dogs throughout the year. The trophy year begins on December 1st and ends on November 25th of the following year.  Deadline for submission is November 30, 2019.  

Go to the club website, www.gsdcgkc.com, ABOUT US, YEAR END TITLE TROPHIES for details and form completion.  JoClair Gipe is the Chairperson for the Title Trophies.  Please contact JoClair if you have questions.

Please don't want to submit all accomplishments at one time.  Submit as received.


Bragging Rights.gif

Cindy Hartman reported that her Georgie Girl (Poppie Vom Haus Pixner) BN, CD, PCD, RN, RA, TC, CGC was ranked nationally in 2018 by the GSDCA as 7th in Novice B and 1st in Preferred Novice.

Georgie Girl (Poppie Vom Haus Pixner)

Georgie Girl (Poppie Vom Haus Pixner)