June 2018 Schaferhunde News

The Schaferhunde News

 The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City

Founded 1923                                                                                                           June 2018  

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President's message from Chris Kimerer
As the saying goes, another one in the books……

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City Specialty Shows and Midwest Futurity/Maturity was a huge success.  Among the 9 Regions that host the GSDCA Futurity/Maturity Shows, this year our region was the largest entry, with 88 total entries.  Both Specialties drew majors on both sides with Saturday’s show having huge 5-point majors in dogs and bitches, and 12 Best of Breed entries.  We had 7 Junior Handlers enter with 6 competing, these kids are the future of our breed and did an outstanding job.  The Judges were wonderful to work with and many club members pitched in to make this a memorable and smooth-running weekend.  The only negative aspect were the extreme temperatures, especially on Sunday, might I say it was brutal for everyone, including our dogs.

After the show on Saturday we had a Temperament Test with a total entry of 30 dogs, all but 2 were GSD’s and the other breed represented was the Doberman.  Butch Stiefferman did a great job evaluating and keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently and there was a very good pass rate.  Many of our club members helped and thanks to Eric West who stepped in and was the weird stranger and did a great job.

Brad and Marion Baker once again fed everyone on Saturday evening hosting a sit-down dinner.  With white table clothes and centerpieces on the tables they transformed an ordinary Shelter House into a Restaurant, the food was absolutely delicious and no one left hungry.  Dessert was a cake celebrating the clubs 95th anniversary and Marion handed out bone shaped home baked cookies.

Sunday afternoon when all the dogs were gone, the exhibitors had left, the Judges had been taken to the airport by Sally Hamm, the tough guys left standing took the tents and the ring down and loaded everything back in the club trailer.  I’m always afraid to leave someone out by mistake, but suffice it to say, a big THANK YOU to those that set up on Thursday and took down on Sunday and packed it all away.  To have 3 days of shows is a huge undertaking and commitment from the club members, so many stepped up and worked hard to make this the wonderful weekend it ended up being.  Lots of compliments from Exhibitors, Handlers and attendees regarding our show site and our hospitality.

In closing, I would like to also mention that our weekend sponsor Royal Canin contributed approx. $2,500 total in prize cards for GSD Formula Dog Food and a Check for our club to help defray some of the expenses for the weekend.  They did this for all 9 Regions and I am so thankful for their support to the local Regional Clubs.

Our July Obedience Trial will be our next busy weekend and it’s right around the corner.

See you all there!

~Chris Kimerer~

What is a “Breed Club”?

 by Chris Kimerer

After a comment made at the shows this weekend, a post on social media, and a phone call about a rescue, I would like to address the purpose of our club along with our goals.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City was founded by German Shepherd enthusiasts 95 years ago, in 1923.  Over time there have been changes, but some key elements have remained constant from those beginnings. Two main ones being the Mission Statement along with our club By-Laws, having been updated only to reflect necessary changes.  We are licensed and operate under the AKC rules and regulations. 

The core of being a “Breed Club” is the upholding and maintaining of the breed standard through education and holding conformation shows. Our breed standard is one of the most well written in depth standards of any dog breed, it is written by our Parent Club, the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, and is the official breed standard for the AKC.

Conformation Show judging is the interpretation of that breed standard, evaluating each animal to the standard and not against one another.  It is NOT a beauty contest, as it was referred to by someone over the weekend. The original purpose for showing a dog was to judge the dog for breeding suitability. I’m well aware of the fact that not everyone that shows breeds anymore, but the definition and purpose remain the same.  As a “breed club”, it is still our mission and purpose to uphold the official breed standard, in order to do that, we hold conformation shows along with many other venues to promote the “Total German Shepherd Dog.” 

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City has had many changes over the last 30 years that I’ve been a member, many good, some not so good.  The biggest and most positive change has been to be inclusive, the clubs that welcome all venues instead of just one are the ones that will survive. We as a board and a club have worked long and hard to welcome all GSD’s, not discriminating between West, East, AKC Show, Working, Pet or IPO. Our breed is the most versatile breed of any dog out there, what we as owners do with our dogs is a personal choice, and it does bother me when there are people who try to be judgmental of that. I personally and we as a club want everyone to feel welcome and included, whether it be a High Scoring Obedience Champion, a Breed Champion, a Couch Potato or a Dock Diving thrill seeker.  

As a breed club we promote one breed, The German Shepherd Dog, within our club, we have worked hard to be non-judgmental of style, color, type, origin or venue. I encourage everyone before making judgment or comments to remember that each dog has an owner that dearly loves that dog, being judgmental and passing judgment does not encourage or promote our breed but only causes division and hurt within our club.

A phone call regarding a dog found in Smithville really triggered me to write this article. The individual that picked up this dog on the roadside contacted a club member who suggested that it must be a conformation dog from this past weekend’s shows that did not win, so they probably just dumped it. Obviously, this is one individual’s opinion and misguided belief and we as a club absolutely do not support that type of statement whatsoever.

I do believe that most of us within this club strive toward the same goal of unity and acceptance, it shows in how this club has grown and come together over the last few years. I look forward to seeing many more positive things for our club in the near future.


Obedience in the Park

The Obedience committee has decided to continue meet ups in the park. The first one is scheduled for Thursday, June 21 at 7:00 p.m. at Macken Park. 

This is an event that we hope to do twice a month at different locations depending on the interest. There is no fee, no agenda…just walk, talk and maybe go for ice cream after the sun goes down. 

We are seeking suggestions for future locations.

Contact Debbie McHenry for additional information.


German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City Specialty Shows and Midwest Futurity/Maturity

Members celebrated 95 years as a club with cake.

Members celebrated 95 years as a club with cake.


There were plenty of ribbons and trophies to be awarded at the show.

Congratulations to all recipients.

Ribbons IMG_0439.jpg
Trophies IMG_0421.jpg
Eric West played the role of the scary stranger for the Temperament test. Brad Baker and Marco approach Eric as Butch Stiefferman looks on.

Eric West played the role of the scary stranger for the Temperament test. Brad Baker and Marco approach Eric as Butch Stiefferman looks on.

Tiffany Bartley provides assistance to Junior Handler, Lennox.  Lenox is the granddaughter of member, Carmi Swift.

Little Girl 180609_400_IMG_9788R (1).jpg

Blake Williams, President of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Cincinnati brought with her several Islantic Sheepdog puppies.


Rosi von Fintel picked one of the 6-week old sheepdogs for her very own. She named her "Bunty."


Kathy Potter judging the Midwest Futurity/Maturity


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J eff Pyle with Ruger, Best in Futurity winner.

Jeff Pyle with Ruger, Best in Futurity winner.

Diane Brown, with X, Winners Dog at Friday's Specialty.

Diane Brown, with X, Winners Dog at Friday's Specialty.

Having fun at the GSDCGKC 2018 Midwest Futurity/Maturity & Specialty Show
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Photos provided by Valerie Harrington, Mike Kennedy, and Chris Kimerer.


Great News!!

The club has recovered our TWITTER account: https://twitter.com/gsdcgkc.

What is TWITTER? Twitter is one of the most popular networking tools in the world. Twitter uses "tweets," which are the 140-character (maximum) messages that can be posted to our Twitter profile. The club can use Twitter to post items of interest and announce meetings and events. We can send the monthly newsletter our on Twitter and post brags.  There are hundreds of ways that the club can use Twitter.

We are looking for someone that likes to tweet and would be willing to serve as an administrator for the club's Twitter account.  Please contact any Board Member or Marion Baker if you are interested.


Please join in welcoming, Melinda Taylor as a new member to the club. Melinda lives in Kansas City, Missouri. She has already taken an active role in the club by participating in the Temperament test at our June show. 

Take time to introduce yourself and make Melinda feel welcome.

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GSDCGKC Annual Fundraiser - Wine Pull

The Wine Pull fundraiser will take place at the Topeka Kennel Club show scheduled for August 23-24-25.

We have reached our goal of 100 bottles largely due to the generosity of many of our members.  We are in need of volunteers to man the booth during the show.  Please contact Bobbie Schiffelbein, (785) 379-0879 if you can help out.

In Loving Memory

Mark your calendar!

•  Tuesday, July 10, 7:00 p.m., General Meeting, Macken Park, Large Shelter House, North Kansas City, Mo, Board members will meet at 5:30 p.m.

•  Saturday, Sunday, July 14-15, All Breed Obedience Trials, Greater KC Dog Training Club, 9911 East 63rd Street, KCMO, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

•  Sunday, August 12, 12:00-3:00 p.m., Dock Diving at The Dog Pool, 33004 E County Line Rd, Pleasant Hill, Mo.

•  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, August 23-25, Topeka Kennel Club Show, GSDCGKC Wine Pull Fundraiser