July 2017 Schaferhunde News

The Schaferhunde News

 The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City

Founded 1923

GSDCGKC 2017 All-Breed Obedience Trials

The all-breed obedience trials were held on July 8-9, 2017 at the Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club. Nancy Cheski from Crestwood, Kentucky judged the trials.

This was a great weekend in the Beginner Novice A ring. Four of our club members stepped out of their comfort zone and exhibited their dogs in an AKC obedience ring for the first time! It was a thing of beauty and we are so proud of each of you and your dogs! You are on a path toward a lifetime of love and understanding with your canine partner. Congratulations Ray Laughlin, Susan Hunt, JoClair Gipe, and Betty Laughlin. (source GSDCGKC Facebook page)

Ray Laughlin  with  Jäger ,  Susan Hunt  with  Roxie ,  JC Gipe  with  Armina , and  Betty Laughlin  with  Harry .

Ray Laughlin with Jäger, Susan Hunt with Roxie, JC Gipe with Armina, and Betty Laughlin with Harry.

Club member,  Cindy Hartman  and her GSD,  Willa , cleaned up at the trial with High Scoring GSD in the trial and placing in Open A. She only needs one more qualifying score to finish her title.   Cindy Hartman pictured with Willa and Judge  Nancy Cheski.

Club member, Cindy Hartman and her GSD, Willa, cleaned up at the trial with High Scoring GSD in the trial and placing in Open A. She only needs one more qualifying score to finish her title.

Cindy Hartman pictured with Willa and Judge Nancy Cheski.

Special thanks go out to Sally Hamm for coordinating and managing the Obedience Trials.  The club once again worked as a team to make it a successful event. Ray Laughlin fixed the plumbing in the restroom at the site and Ken Sanders changed every light bulb in the room to provide better lighting. They did this upon their own initiative.  Cheryl May made and provided the lovely award plates.  Thank you all for your extraordinary contributions to the club. Now that is true club Spirit!

The following letter was written by Sally Hamm, Obedience Chair

Well the show is over and I hope all of you had as great a time as I did. Wow, watching how this club came together to make the past two events work has been awesome. I don’t remember ever having so many people excited to help. It made my job of organizing the show so much easier knowing we have people who would help in any way I asked.

This past weekend many of you tried your hand at obedience competition for the first time and had success and for those veterans of this sport thanks for the coaching to get them there. For those of you giving back to the club while your puppies are growing, I hope you found inspiration to try some new things and continue on to do obedience with them.

I received many compliments from the exhibitors enjoying the lovely awards. The judge and her husband loved the dinner at Bass Pro. The judge greatly appreciated having the secretary at the table and the help from all the stewards to make the ring run smoothly.

With all the help from the members on Friday setting up and Sunday putting things away, we were able to get done quickly so everyone could get home to their dogs and family.

I know that exhibitors appreciated the Rent-a-Ring, so thank you Cindy, Carmi and Tiffany for keeping the building available for them.

I would like to give a special thanks to non-members, Linda, Sue and Jeanne for being so generous and helping our club.


IT'S A WRAP - - - - -

The Trails and Treats in the Park training sessions wrapped up with an additional Nose Work class. The class was brought back by popular demand. Cheryl May agreed to conduct the class with Nancy Kennedy assisting.

The club appreciates the time and preparation that all of the training instructors put in to making the training sessions a great success. The Tails and Treats training is not only beneficial for club members but is a community service that allows owners of all breeds to participate in with their dogs.

Tails and Treats will be back in the Fall with more training opportunities.  Stay Tuned!!!!

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

Charbo's Music of the Night at Tintagel v Jalyn, better known as Muse, winning best female at the Midwest Futurity/Maturity with Diana Paul and then went on to Best in Maturity with Jeff Pyle. Judge is Nancy Godek McDonald. Muse owners are Betty Johnson, Bobbie Schiffelbein and Chris Kimerer. Her proud breeders are Bobbie Schiffelbein and Lynette Stone

Dawg Days of Summer - Your'e Invited!

Tuesday, August 8, General meeting, 7:00 p.m., Macken Park, 1000 E 27th Ave, North Kansas City, MO 64116

 Grilled Hot Dogs will be served.  Bring your lawn chairs and furry dogs

•  The Board meeting will convene at 6:00 p.m. prior to the General meeting.  All members are welcome to attend.

  • Thurs-Sat August 24-26   Topeka Kennel Club

The Topeka Kennel Club will be hosting the following shows at the Kansas Expocentre, One Expocentre Drive, Topeka, Kansas.  Competition Type:  All-Breed, Obedience, AKC Rally, Junior Showmanship


The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City will once again be sponsoring the "Wine Pull" fundraising event at the show.  All proceeds go to fund training for the National Police Canine association.

Bring donations of wine to the August General meeting.

  •  Sat. September 30 GSDCGKC Annual Picnic Litton Center, Smithville Lake,  Smithville, Mo
  •  October 9 – October 13 German Shepherd Club of America Nationals Purina Farms, Purina Event Center, Gray Summit, Mo
  • Saturday, October 21 10:00 a.m. Heartland Police Canine Training & Trials, 9701 Marion Park Drive, Kansas City, Mo (KC MO South PD)

Summer Pet Tips: Hot Asphalt and Your Dog


As we humans escape into our homes that are air conditioned or cooled with fans we wonder why our dogs might be acting sluggish or begging to get back inside. Have you ever noticed dogs who refuse to walk at an event and just plops himself down? Paws scorching on the Asphalt could be the problem… not your dog being stubborn.

The pads of a dogs feet are not any thicker than our feet so if it feels hot to your bare feet then it’s just as hot to your dog.

Asphalt temperature and the outdoor temperature are two very different things. When the outside air temperature is 77 degrees the asphalt in the sun is 125 degrees. You can fry and egg at 131 degrees just imagine how your dog feels as you drag him along to the farmers market or outdoor festival being held on asphalt.


Place the back of your hand against the pavement and hold it there for 11 seconds… if it’s uncomfortable for you to leave your skin there, then you shouldn’t make your dog do it. You can also try walking on it barefoot yourself.

Also, think about the time of day, it takes hours for the pavement to cool off after the outdoor temperature goes down. Think about how the streets stay clear for quite a while when it first starts to snow, that asphalt has stored the heat from the day.

Much better to head to your outdoor event in the morning when the pavement is cool if you really think your dog is going to enjoy it. Those cute paw pads aren’t covered with fur which would give the dog a little more insulation if they were.

Specialty Show Results and Photos

The results for the 2017 GSDCGKC Annual Conformation Specialty Show can be found on the club website, GSDCGKC.com under EVENTS, 2017 Specialty Show Results.

Photos can be viewed and purchased from the website under the Gallery Tab. Questions regarding ordering photos can be directed to Carmi Swift at cwswift58@gmail.com

Talent Search

The club is always looking for talented club members. What skills do you have that can benefit the club? Are you a webmaster, web designer, writer, photographer, painter, mechanic, etc.  Please let Chris Kimerer (chris@gsdcgkc.com) know your specialty.  Get involved


Submitted by Marion Baker

Charlie and Bobbie Schiffelbein have been members of the GSDCGKC for 26 years. They are dedicated members rarely missing a meeting or event.  This is unique because they travel roughly 80 miles one-way to attend the meetings.

Bobbie shared her story of love and passion for the German Shepherd bred.

“As a child, I watched the TV shows that had German Shepherd dogs like White Shadow, Roy Roger's Bullet, etc. and set my mind on .... that is what I want a German Shepherd.

As my dad was in the Navy and we traveled to so many places, we could not have a big dog. Mom always said that someday when I got married I could have my German Shepherd dog.  Well, I did. Charlie and I have had German Shepherds in our lives all our married life. My kids were raised with them and they were the BEST dogs ever. They watched over my children and went with them when they rode their bikes to their friends. Watched over them when they got off the school bus and watched over our property.

 I didn't go to school to be a nurse until my children were in grade school as back then you couldn't be married and go to nursing school, so I put that dream on hold until that rule changed and was able to pursue that dream.  When I graduated I decided I wanted to take my dog to obedience school to treat myself to some dog fun.  I started class and at the encouragement of my trainer, started showing in obedience.  Believe it or not, that was my first time I showed a dog at the GSDCGKC...and took first in Novice Beginners, I still use that crystal salad bowl to this day.  We finished Nikia with 4 green ribbons. Only needed three but I said every dog needs 4 legs.  She was an awesome dog and did it in her first 4 shows.  The problem was my Trainer then encouraged me to try Conformation with my second dog that I started...so I did and then I got hooked on Conformation...there were so many beautiful dogs and they looked so beautiful going around the ring.  LOL..I showed them myself and even got some points on them...little did I know how what I was getting into.  Sure had fun and even Charlie would take a dog in.  You would laugh if you could see our win pictures as back in those days, five-point majors were like 45 dogs or 45 bitches each!  No, never got anything like that...we got a handler!   This all started in 1980.

 Today we still show on a more limited basis as it is so expensive but Charlie and I have had the time of our lives as we have met so many wonderful people and have so many dear friends and have watched our dogs go around the ring and win those most exciting wins. We have bred close to several dozen champions (I really haven't counted), 2 selects 2 BIM and 3 ROM and my Obedience dog. By the way, I have decided it is time to do some obedience again now and starting this fall.

Probably the greatest joy in all this is the breeding and bringing these animals into the world. I LOVE puppies and raising a litter is a labor of love...not just for the mom but me too.  I don't breed often, but when I do, it is such a responsibility to find the right homes for each of them.  I have so many furgrandkids and still love them all.  And so many of them send me pictures and keep in touch as most of my kids live out of state.

I love our breed and will never be without one...they never are here long enough but they stay in your heart forever, each one leaving memories of the little things that each of them did that you will never forget.

Charlie and I have two children and 5 grandkids.  We love them so much and spend as much time as we can, going to ballgames and special events.  When my daughter got married she took Bud, our house dog with her as she said she needed him more than we did and we had other dogs.  Bud loved our granddaughter and he was always by her side. When he needed some alone time, he would go to his crate but she would crawl into his crate and sit with him...they were a pair. She tells me when she has a house of her own she will have her own GSD.”

- Bobbie -