February 2017 Schaferhunde News

The Schaferhunde News

 The German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater Kansas City

Founded 1923

'Rumor Has It' Wins Best in Show at Westminister Competition



German shepherd, 'Lockenhaus' Rumor Has It V Kenlyn wins Best in Show at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Feb. 15, 2017 in New York.

'Rumor' named for singer Adele's hit song "Rumor Has It" beat out nearly 2,800 dogs entered in the competition, spread across 202 eligible breeds and varieties.

It marks the second time a German shepherd has won the top prize at the show. The breed last won in 1987, which also represents the only other time a dog from the herding group has won at Westminster.

You're Invited! 

  • March 14, General Meeting, 7:00 p.m, Comfort Inn, 7300 NE Parvin Road, Kansas City, Mo., near Worlds of Fun. The guest speaker will be William (Shane) Meuschke, breeeder of Vertrauen German Shepherd dogs.

General Meeting - February

The February chili cook-off was a great success.

The room was filled with excitement as members chowed down on delicious chili while watching the Westminster dog show. 'Rumor' was the main topic of conversation during the evening.

Special thanks go out to everyone that contributed to the chili cook-off.

Tails & Treats in the Park - Training Workshop

The club is offering a series of classes on the Introduction to Performance and Conformation starting on May 10th and ending on June 14th. 

  • Week #1 Puppy Basics - Instructors: All
  • Week #2  Introduction to Obedience - Instructor: Debbie McHenry
  • Week #3  Introduction to Tracking - Instructor: Sally Hamm
  • Week #4  Introduction to Rally - Instructor: Cindy Hartman
  • Week #5  Basic Guidelines to Conformation: Instructors: Tiffany Bartley and Chris Kimerer
  • Week #6  Introduction to Nosework - Instructors: Cheryl May and Nancy Kennedy

When: Wednesday's beginning May 10th - June 14th
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.
Where: Wheel Park in Macken Park, 1000 E. 27th Avenue, North Kansas City, Missouri
Cost: GSDCGKC Members $50    /   Non-Members $60.00  

Don't miss out. . . There is a 12 dog limit for classes. Individual classes will be $15/session if available.

Sign up today!

The classes are not only informative and beneficial to the owner and dog, but are also a great bargain. Registration can be completed on-line at gsdcgkc.com.


KC Working Dogs will be holding their 1st trial on April 22-23 2017 at 17607 E 191st St. Pleasant Hill, MO.

KC Working Dogs is dedicated to helping train all breeds in the sport of IPO. They have two certified DVG helpers that assist in moving dogs along to the next level. They believe in teaching handlers to have fun with their dogs and working together as a team.


  •  Sat – Sun June 10-11 GSDCGKC Annual Specialty Show
  •  Sat – Sun July 8-9  GSDCGKC All-Breed Obedience Trial

Trial Volunteers are needed. Contact Amy Edwards (amy@gsdcgkc.com) Specialty Chair or Sally Hamm (sally@gsdcgkc.com) Obedience Trial Chair to sign-up. 

The Invisible Slimy Monster in Your Dog’s Water Bowl

Ever rub your fingers on the inside of your pet’s water bowl and you feel a slippery slime of sorts? Well that invisible goo is called Biofilm.

Biofilm is a collection of organic and inorganic, living and dead materials collected on a surface. It is made up of many different types of bacteria bound together in a thick substance that acts as a glue to both hold the bacteria together and adhere it to a surface.

Biofilm can often be good bacteria but there is also the bad!

Biofilms provide a safe haven for organisms like Listeria, E. coli and legionella where they can reproduce to levels where contamination of products passing through that water becomes inevitable. Bad Biofilms have been found to be involved in a wide variety of microbial infections in the body such as urinary tract infectionsmiddle-ear infections and bladder infections.

Many pet parents are guilty of simply refilling the water bowl over and over without a wash and this becomes a wonderful environment for biofilm to soak around in.

How to reduce Biofilm:

  1. Remember to clean your pet’s water bowl at least once a week if you can and change water daily.
  2. For best results, run your water bowls through a hot cycle in the dishwasher with an eco friendly, non-toxic soap to really clean out the biofilm!

Heart of America Kennel Club ‘Cluster Dog Shows’

Thursday, March 9 through Sunday, March 12 Hale Area, American Royal Complex 1701 American Royal Court, KCMO.

Find show and event information at www.heartofamericakc.org/events.html


The directory will be available at the general meetings. Pick one up at the March meeting. A copy will be mailed to those that cannot attend a meeting.


The GSDCGKC had a wonderful representation at the St. Joseph Kennel Club show on February 4-5. Judging was done by Dr. Steve Keating on the first day and Ms. Neena L. Van Camp on the second day.

  • Max (Hillside-Tanbark Maximus Der Wachter v Aramist) took Winners Dog in the American-Bred Dogs receiving a 4 point major. Breeders: Tiffany Bartley & Chris Kimerer
  • Minion was awarded Best of Winners and Winners Bitch receiving a 4 point major in Open Bitches. Owners: Chris Kimerer, Tiffany Bartley, O&D Calabrese & J. DeRousse.
  • Jim & Lynette Stone's, Rylie aka ‘Jalyn's Living the Life of Rylie v Charbo’ made her owners proud. Rylie took Best of Opposite Sex in the Best of Breed competition on the first day and Select on the second day earning 4 points towards his grand championship. Rylie was presented in the ring by Tiffany Bartley and shown to perfection.
  • Corbin Bartley, son of Tiffany Bartley put a 4 point major on dog, Slate winning first in Open Dogs. This was Corbin’s first time out presenting in competition. Chris Kimerer is the proud owner of Slate. Way to go Corbin we are all proud of you!!

Debbie McHenry and Sally Hamm attended the show on the second day to cheer and support our club participants.

It was a great weekend for all. Congratulations!!

Photos provided courtesy of Debbie McHenry.



Minion handled by Tiffany Bartley

Minion handled by Tiffany Bartley

Corbin Bartley handling Slate

Corbin Bartley handling Slate

Bobbie Schiffelbein & Tiffany Bartley

Bobbie Schiffelbein & Tiffany Bartley

Tiffany Bartley

Tiffany Bartley


Obi  (DDR &  Czech)

Obi  (DDR &  Czech)

The GSDCGKC welcomes Lydia Cranston as a new member to the club.

Lydia is the proud owner of 2 German shepherds of unique breeds. Obi (Mark of Obsidian) is a DDR and Czech shepherd and Trudy (True Amethyst) is a Czech.

Lydia shared, “their immediate parents do not currently hold any titles, but their line breeding is full of them. I am interested in working towards Schutzhund titles. May be a long process! These are my first registered GSDs, but I have had others in the past and fell in love with the breed. These "working" dogs have over the top protective instincts and drive. It's been a challenge to corral that energy, but we're getting to a comfortable place.”



Trudy (  Czech

Trudy (Czech